The Way Of The Xi

Summary: Namaa Taga a chief of an ancient tribe known as the Xi Must restore the clan name and revive and find the lost and

The Lonely A.I.

A failed experiment makes it her mission to understand human emotions. However, as time goes on, things don’t go as planned. Can the complexities of

Nightmare Patrol

In a world where peoples nightmares manifest as monsters, special police units of people with unique abilities are formed to face and exterminate them.

Looks Pretty Good

Describing a dream is like therapy. But sometimes to explain it you need context and then somehow the point gets lost.


Novasotia the place where people who are born there usually never leave the island. The people there have been living in peace for years. There


This is a tale of a Amenhotep who loses everything he loves and meets a guy name Maut. Amenhotep end up being mentor by Maut